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Launching Party in Villa Bidadari

bidadari estate

One developed management of luxury villas in Bali sent us an email implicating an invitation to their newest managed villa called as Villa Bidadari. The name of this villa as well as the location caused us to be curious and eager in attending this party. We were triggered on having a view in this heaven, according to most people. Located on the top of hill of Southern Bali, this villa is categorized as the house of Bidadari. As its name, Bidadari is meant to be beautiful girls who live in the God house or paradise, this villa is able to grant the people’s wish to be served as they are in the heaven.

This villa hypnotized us when we first did an entrance. A glass of coke welcomed our arrival. After getting chill out, we began to travel our sight around the whole part of this house. An attracted spot catch my eyes. There was a unique elevator could accommodate four standing people. This electric tool used to carry the people upstairs to go down into the downstairs area of this house. It was just being realized that this villa divided into two separated parts. One main big building was positioned on top landscape and one another building was put up in stepping down area from the main area.

There were two ways for reaching the downstairs house, using the electric elevator or stepping on the manual stairs with a nuance of natural, made-up forest. At this party, I had tried to feel how it was by using the elevator and stairs. Both were totally crazy. The elevator caused me to be so fear when getting down while the stairs madly caused me to be so out of energy when I was going up. However, it was an awesome house.

Talking about the room, we would kindly start to share our experience from the main building. 3 massive bedrooms were planted in this building. Two bedrooms were on the second floor separated by the tranquil TV room. They were totally amazing. Additionally, there is plugged a window glass on the fence of the Jacuzzi area of one of the bathroom in the bedroom. This is to unblock the view of the one that relaxing in the tub. All bedrooms en-suite bathroom, air conditioned, television, and also IDD phone. Going down, but still in this building, we would see the living and the dining area, which is facing the pool area, with its luxurious interior set up. The other spaces were constructed with a complete equipped kitchen, and one family bedroom.

Let us now go down to the hidden room downstairs. A bedroom, we guessed to be perfect for honeymooner, were there planted being aside with the gym and spa room. It was a small area, but absolutely nice to escape from any crowd indeed. Surprisingly, a natural Jacuzzi with a human made waterfall was built one level above in which the couple would be able to enjoy the warmth of the ocean.

Nothing better than come and enjoy the harmony of temporarily owning this house – a marvelous place to stay in.


the edge

This is the most amazing paradise on the cliff of Bali. We ride to the top seeking the path to find this hidden paradise. We thought that it was too far and too complicated to find this home, made us totally crazy when getting through the way into this villa. Located in the edge of Bali cliff, this villa labeled “The Edge Villas”. This villa is really extraordinary. The special track personally made for reaching the house. Two luxury cars are ready to be used for serving the ones who choose to stay in this stunning house. Entering the lobby, we began to roll our eyes, wondering. When a man came and greeted, we were impatiently asking to be escorted to surf the house, then the adventure started.

First, we got an entrance to the two bedrooms villa called as The Cliff. It was astonishingly designed and set up in such a way to present comfort for the guests. Stepping on to the garden, we could recognize that this property is really on the cliff, we could explore our eyes out widely to the ocean, one of the best views in this house, then we moved out to the Mood Villa that accommodating three bedrooms inside with its characterized interior privately packed for relaxing the three couples. Afterwards, we stepped back and got the five bedrooms of the View. Having five bedrooms, it is sure that this house is the biggest one. Giant house have some special things inside – home theater, beers’ corner, kid’s space, nanny or guardian sleeping area and many more. Those all things kept us stunning on, imagining to be staying in this marvelous home.

We did not want to stop the adventure in those parts; we were still having many chops to be surfed off. We got into the SPA center, the incredible place to spoil self. This corner was said to be the best SPA center in Bali. What a miraculous place to stay in. One more last thing, even though there are still many awesome things left, the unusual glass weight at about 600kg planned on the hanged floor threatening me to struggle with my life. It was totally fantastic.

Please check here for further information

Villa Taman Sorga, brand new villa in Sanur area

taman sorga garden view

A few days ago, we had the opportunity to attend an open house invitation of Villa Taman Sorga, in Sanur area. Villa Taman Sorga, as the name suggests, this villa is really like a paradise that is dedicated to the guests. Located in Sanur area, Villa Taman Sorga is a blend of traditional Balinese design and contemporary style, is decorated by a large lush tropical garden and very beautiful.

Sanur is the oldest tourist destination in Bali and is a place to reminisce for some travelers. Although we can find many restaurants and accommodation in Sanur, but very rarely do we find a private villa that has eight bedrooms and spacious lush tropical garden. Sanur area tend to be preferred by the tourists, middle-aged or older, especially for the European market. Sanur might not seem as crowded as Seminyak, but the atmosphere of Sanur never changed from earlier times, quiet and very easy to find restaurants and places to relax. With its white sand beaches, and views of the sunrise to the east, making the Sanur increasingly forgotten by other tourist areas.

The number of private villas in Sanur, was not as much as other areas such as Seminyak or Canggu. With the presence of Villa Taman Sorga, we are very confident that the Sanur will return to steal the attention of tourists, especially for those who want to enjoy a holiday in Bali with their families, or for those who want to hold a family reunion. Villa Taman Sorga is the right choice for it, is located in a quiet location which occupied many of the expatriates in Bali, but very easy to reach, and only a few minutes walk to white sand beaches. I am personally very impressed with Wantilan at Villa Taman Sorga, Wantilan that we can use for relaxing or watching TV with our family, have a unique interior design, a fusion of traditional and contemporary.

Villa Taman Sorga is a luxury that is offered to you, and you deserve it. Further information about the villa, you can check here

Villa Shamballa, brand new villa in Ubud

shamballa pool view

Last week, we have the opportunity to be invited by the owner of a new villa in the area Payogan, Ubud. Villa Shamballa is a new villa has one bedroom and is equipped with a private infinity pool. Although only has one bedroom, the villa is very attractive to our attention, as it has spacious rooms, open a separate living area, fully equipped kitchen, and of course the beautiful valley views as typical of the area of Ubud.

This villa is perfect for those of you who want the privacy to spend your honeymoon in Bali. We believe, with the support staff who will pamper you throughout vacation, you will feel comfortable during your stay in this villa.

So, for those of you who want to enjoy your honeymoon, or just enjoy the holiday with your partner, then this villa is perfect for you to choose. Please feel free to contact our reservation, if you would like to book this villa or if you need further information about this villa.